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    Alco Prevention Canada Inc.:

    Since 1989, Alco Prevention Canada, a Canadian company, has been a pioneer in the field of alcohol and drug prevention at the steering wheel and for businesses. It offers a wide range of electronic breathalyzers and single-use alcohol testing devices. Alco Prevention Canada is a proud partner of MADD Canada, a charity which comes to the aid of the victimes and families of road accidents related to alcohol impaired driving. All alcohol detecors and single-use alohol testing devices are approved by the FDA.

    SOS Fatigue - Earpiece with Anti-Sleep Alarm
    BACtrack GO - Keychain Alcohol Detector
    Alco Control Mini - Compact Alcohol Detector
    Alco Supreme - Smartphone Alcohol Detector
    APC 90 - Alcohol Detector #1 in Sweden
    APC 80 Elite - Alcohol Detector with Electrochemical Sensor
    Drink Detective - Drug Screening
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    The chemical carcinogens and other substances are now identified and now, better informed, consumers are aware of their negative impacts and want to eliminate them from their daily routine. ATTITUDE is the only brand in household and beauty products which addresses these important concerns.

    100% Made in Québec

    EWG VERIFIED certified products for your everday life

    Day-Time Collection
    Night-Time Collection
    Diaper Creams
    All Natural Air Purifiers
    Kids - Sunscreen
    Super Leaves - Body Cream
    Super Leaves - Shower Gel
    Super Leaves - Shampoo & Conditioners
    Super Leaves - Hand Soaps Household Products - Adults & Kids
    Super Leaves - Men Collection
    Adult Sunscreens Diapers & Wipes
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    Big Brands:

    Big Brands Inc is a strategic brand provider of impulse, trial & travel products that cover a wide range of categories. They work closely with top brand manufacturers to bring you category staple items as well as new innovation. Johnson & Johnson, Proctor & Gamble & Unilever just to name a few.

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    DMG Services Inc.:

    DMG Services Inc. specializes in three business segments: Business Acquisition, Distribution and Promotion. They focus Natural Ressources, Health, Nutrition and Communication. They distribute essential oils, fragrances, body care products and floral waters from Du Senza. They recently acquired the Quebec company Sapino distributing losanges, syrups and bubble baths. They have also acquired the LALCO laboratoy which distributes Dormiphen products.

    100% Made in Québec

    Du Senza - Migra-Sens
    Du Senza - Erpa-Sens
    Sapino - Losanges
    Sapino - Syrup
    Sapino - Bubble Bath
    LALCO - Dormiphen
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    Genuine Health:

    For the past 25 years, Genuine Health has been manufacturing all-natural, non-GMO supplements to give your body the nourishment it needs, because when you feel good, you can do good. They make all natural, science-based supplements that give your body the nourishment it needs for improved energy, cognition, movement, sleep and gut health.

  • Homedics

    Homedics / Obusforme:

    HoMedics mission is to become the #1 brand in health and wellness. Our extensive line of personal wellness products allows you to relax your body, renew your spirit and simplify your life.

    As a cornerstone brand within HoMedics’ wellness group, ObusForme represents a global passion for developing innovative consumer products that are engineered to enhance people’s lives by delivering comfort and support to the human body, from our original, award-winning ObusForme® Lowback Backrest Support to the latest in therapeutic pillows, mattresses, and the groundbreaking ObusForme® Comfort Support System™ Backpacks.

    Homedics and ObusForme are committed to creating valued products for use at home, in the office, and on the go.

    www.homedics.ca/ obusforme.com/
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    HTL-STREFA is a world-leading medical device company that develops, manufactures and sells safety lancets, personal lancets, and pen needles for insulin injection. Their modern manufacturing process and nearly 20 years of experience on the global market allows them to successfully ensure safety and convenience. The design of their products is defined by ergonomics, simplicity and reliability.

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    ICTV Brands:

    ICTV Brands is a company that uses a distinctive marketing strategy. It uses multiple media for the sale of their beauty products whether it be through TV channels, via the web and, now, by internet through our pharmacies across Québec.

    ICTV Brands' flagship product, No!No!, is the world's best selling device with Pulsed Thermicon technology for professional home results!

    The DermaWand, another well-recognized product of ICTV Brands, is the revolutionary device that has sold millions of copies around the world. DermaWand is clinically proven to reduce the visible signs of aging - giving you a younger look.

    https://ictvbrands.com/ https://www.dermawand.com/ https://nonopro.com/
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    KC Kinetic:


    The Leader in Jet Lag Management for over 25 years.

    Jet lag is the curse of modern jet travel, but it doesn't have to spoil your trip. The unique homeopathic remedy No-Jet-Lag helps ensure holiday enjoyment and working efficiency even after long airline flights.

    No-Jet-Lag is raved about by satisfied travelers globally, including business executives, sports teams, tour operators, and flight crews. It is safe, easy to take and proven effective in tests.

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    Life Science Nutritionals:

    Life Science Nutritionals is the leading manufacturer of vitamins and gel supplements for adults and children.

    Their gelles vitamin unit is the only one that it verified and approved by a government agency in North America. They are therefore mandated to continue to meet the highest quality standards. In fact, they respect these standars throughout the supply chain and manufacturing processes. By controlling their manufacturing operations, they can ensure that their products are dairy, nut and gluten free.

    http://www.lifescinutritionals.com/ http://adultessentials.com/en/ https://www.iron-kids.com/en/
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    Major Chocolat:

    Discover Choupette Chocolat! Fine Chocolate & Chips - Fine Chocolate & Popcorn - Fine Chocolate & Pretzels - Fince Chocolate & Crunchy Maple

    100% Made in Québec

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    Marc Anthony:

    Marc Anthony, a Toronto-based celebrity hair stylist, product developer, businessman and TV personality, has revolutionized the hair cair industry. He is the creator of the renowned Marc Anthony salons and the Marc Anthony True Professional hair care product line. These products are now sold all over the world!

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    Medexus Inc.:

    Medexus is a leading Canadian Pharmaceutical Company. They offer value to patients and healthcare professionals by providing market leading prescription and over the counter brands, enhancing quality of life and healthy lifestyle.

    Medexus has a strong canadian position as an innovator with new and existing products. Key areas include: Rheumatology, Women's Health and Dermatology. Growth comes from clinically proven safe and effective brands, market knowledge, product value and unique consumer and healthcare professional relationships.

  • Novalab

    Novalab (Denture Care Hygiene):

    Groupe Novalab Inc. specializes in the manufacturing of dental hygiene products. An important part of its activities is devoted to research and development.

    Therefore, Novalab invested several years in research, clinical trials and laboratory analyzes to develop a cleaning solution with unique properties. As a result, NovaDent holds the best credibility with dental health specialists.

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    Proprietary Brand Sourcing Inc.:

    ShapeOn, a revolutionary and innovative slimming underwear. Trying it is adopting it! Women that have already worn other under graments sais that ShapeOn was the pinnacle of under garments and that they were ''the wearer of the day, to the point of forgetting it''.

    16 firming points and features to ensure your comfort.

    Innovative Italian technology.

    No harmful chemicals.

    Their products are Oeko-Tex certified; a European standard that allows us to use an environmentally friendly product made from chemicals specifically for the skin.

    Italian top quality confection.

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    Prelam Enterprises:

    In 1999 two entrepreneurs, Luc Jalbert and Don Goguen, created Prelam Enterprises, an air freshener company based in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. It was the beginning of a real David and Goliath sotry. With a combined 40 years of entrepreneurial experience, the two businessmen succeeded in establishing their company in Canada.

    There's nothing better than leaving a bathroom odor free! Small enough to be placed in a packet, a handbag or a spray, Just a Drop is the perfect solution to eliminate embarassing odors while using the bathroom. One or two drops directly in the toilet before you go is enough. All you will leave behind is a fresh, light scent.

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    Founded in 2009, Spa Dent has quickly become a leader in clinical cosmetic oral care product development and manufacturing. Our expertise began with dental office delivered teeth whitening formulations, equipment and related application methodologies. Spa Dent Naturals products are manufactured with a baseline of ingredients that provide cosmetic benefit while improving oral health.

    Over the years our line has expanded to include a range of both teeth whitening and complimentary oral care products for dental and retail markets, branded and private label.

    All our products are licensed in Canada as Natural Health care products, manufactured in GMP facilities with Natural Health products registration.

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    Supertek Canada Inc.:

    Since 1994, Supertek Canada Inc. has been at the forefront of the design, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of exciting and innovating consumer products.

    Under the ''As Seen On TV'' banner, we offer a wide variety of best-quality TV advertised products from around the globe for the best price.

    Our vast selection covers virtually all categories including hardware products, personal care products, home decor and household products, pet products, kitchen products, horticultural products and many, many more!

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    Tender Corporation:

    The company was founded in 1973, incorporated in 1977, and manufactures the world-famous insect bite treatment, After-Bite, a full line of well-known insect repellants such as Ben's and Natrapel, first-aid such as Adventure Medical Kits and easy Care First Aid kits, survival products with Survive Outdoors Longer, and burn remedy products such as Afterburn.

    Many of Tender's products are packaged in innovative ways that allow them to be convenient to use as well as environmentally friendly.

  • Trudell

    Trudell Medical International:

    Trudell Medical International (TMI) designs, develops and manufactures a wide range of medical devices, from our flagship.

    AEROCHAMBER* Brand of Valved Holding Chamber (VHC) for asthma patients and our latest state-of-the-art AEROBIKA* OPEP therapy system for COPD patients, to custom designed products and systems.

  • Xcentrik


    A dynamic company specializing in the development and distribution of unique and innovative products. Xcentrik creates and distributes new products of all kinds, in order to respond to the specific needs of our clientele. We are always listening to our customers' requests. Products that are unique and exclusive, with eye-catching packaging and value pricing – this is what today's consumers want, and this is what we deliver.